Please contact the Federation Office for further details.



Members can be co-opted on to any Team if there is a need . This power is useful, especially if a member with a special talent or ability is needed on a specific Team.

All South Yorkshire members receive a free copy of our monthly newsletter direct to their email address.  It contains news of all the events being held around the Federation, National Federation information, plus news sent in by WIs. It is sent out usually the 3rd week of the month. 

Newsletters can also be viewed and printed from the 'Downloads' page.


Members and friends are invited to make donations to the Federation in the sum of £10 per number for one year.  Each contributor will be allocated a number or a group of friends may share a number.  A personal cheque can be used to forward the members’ combined contributions to the Federation office.  A WI MAY NOT HOLD A NUMBER.
These numbers will be entered into a draw which will be made at each monthly meeting of the Board of Trustees. Cash prizes will be awarded monthly. Prizes will be increased if there is a greater entry. A grand draw is also held at the Federation Annual Meeting where the winner will be awarded £100.

The Federation Annual Meeting takes place in the Spring on a Saturday and starts at 11.00 am and finishes usually around 4.00 pm.  Every WI is entitled to send a Delegate (free of charge) together with as many visitors as they wish (occasionally numbers have to be restricted because of fire regulations and each WI is allocated seats depending on how many members it has).  We do our utmost to ensure that everyone who wants to attend can do so.

NFWI has set up this register of members.  It is accessed via the NFWI website  However the information is not stored on the internet.  It is stored on a secure dedicated server; it is protected by a firewall which gives protection against hackers and viruses and tracks all inward traffic.  All virus software is automatically updated. These security measures are the same as those used by banks to protect details of their customers’ bank accounts.

New members need to be added to the system as soon as they join and those who are no longer members must be marked as 'inactive'.  Information about Officers must also be kept up to date.  If you need any help or information please contact the Federation Office who will be happy to help.

The WIs in the Federation are organised into Groups.  Groups provide opportunities for furthering friendship between members of neighbouring WIs and by joining together as a Group, WIs can accord more expensive speakers than they could individually.  Many Groups organise social activities for their members as well as two Group meeting a year.


This booklet can be downloaded from My WI.  Or contact the Federation Office for a copy.

For some members their experience of the WI is limited to the monthly meeting so it is essential to make this informative and interesting, friendly and entertaining. There is a special Programme Planning section on ‘My WI’.

NATIONAL FEDERATION OF WOMEN’S INSTITUTES (NFWI) – all WIs in England, Wales, the Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are joined together to form the National Federation, which has its central office at 104 New Kings Road, London SW6 4LY. Tel: 020 7371 9300.

NFWI ANNUAL MEETING takes place in June. The venue alternates between London and the provinces to enable as many people as possible to attend. The Delegates debate the Resolutions, (one Delegate per four WIs) which form the policy to be worked on by the NFWI, review the constitution of NFWI and hear Speakers of national importance.

AUTUMN NATIONAL COUNCIL– aims to forge closer links and better liaison between WIs, Federations and the National Federation. Once a year the Chairman and Treasurer of each Federation meet the NFWI Board of Trustees and staff to discuss matters of policy and the future of the movement.  Matters on which members are required to vote are often made at the National Council Meeting.

A dedicated Member only website with lots of useful information, online courses and ‘how to’ pages on the NFWI website.
To use My WI you just need to register your personal email address.
Information on Resolutions and other relevant material can be found on ‘My WI’.

The office is open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays from 9.30 am to 2.30 pm and by appointment on Thursdays.  Staff are happy to help with any queries and if they cannot help then they will find someone who can.

Details of office closures due to staff holidays are posted in the newsletter.  If the office is closed or unattended you can email us or leave a message on the answer machine and they will be dealt with as soon as possible on return to the office.

WI stationery can be ordered from the Federation office by post/email and will be invoiced including postage, if relevant.  Alternatively you can come into the office to collect any stationery you need.  A Stationery Order Form can be found on the ‘Downloads’ page on our website.

WIs can also order stationery direct from the WI Shop on the NFWI website

Hall Cross Cottage, 5 Albion Place, South Parade, Doncaster  DN1 2EG       Email:  Tel: 01302 482388

One of the most important contributions any member can make is to become a Delegate at a Federation or NFWI meeting.  One Delegate per WI is appointed to represent the WI.  Helpful information for Delegates can be found on ‘My WI’.

Subscription for 2024/25 membership is £48 to include 8 copies of the membership magazine WI Life. Subscription is allocated as follows:

Each WI retain £23.60
The Federation receive £11.30
NFWI receive £13.10

A Dual member pays the WI portion only to their second WI.  If the WI is not utilising the flexibility policy, this will be £23.60.  There is no pro rata rate for dual membership, and the set fee will remain payable at any time during the year.  Subscriptions are reviewed in October and members pay their subscription in April.

New members joining the WI for the first time i.e. who have not previously been a member of any WI in the past 10 years, will pay a pro-rata subscription depending on the quarter in which they join.

DUAL MEMBERSHIP– the constitution allows only one full membership although a member may join one or several WIs in addition to her first WI.  In her first WI a member will pay a full annual subscription consisting of WI, Federation and National proportions. In her second WI or any additional WIs a member will only pay the proportion of the annual subscription which is retained by that WI.  A Dual member cannot vote on Federation or National affairs at her second WI.  If a member is already an Officer at her first WI to allow her to take an Officer’s role, the second WI would have to seek permission from the Board of Trustees.

WI SUPPORTER OPTIONS - Interested in our campaigns and the WI movement but unable to attend regular meetings or living overseas? Become a Supporter and get involved.

Our Supporter options give you the opportunity to support our causes and campaigns, and be kept in the loop about all things WI. The WI has so many causes to be proud of and worthy of support. This will give more women a voice to campaign on issues that matter to them.

Donate via Just Giving or become a 

WI Supporter - £18 per year

Please go to for more information.